Saturday, February 27, 2016

Review: Coraline by Neil Gaiman

I wish I had read this book as a kid.  I would have been in love with it.  It was delightful and creepy - and I think as a kid it would have scared the shit out of me in the best possible way.

Coraline is exploring in her home and finds a door that appears to lead nowhere.  It opens to a brick wall, except one day the bricks are gone and she's able to go through.  Inside, she finds a house just like her own but slightly modified.  The colors in her room are brighter.  The toys are more fun.  Her other mother and other father are there too.  They have paper white skin, long, sharp fingers, and buttons instead of eyes.  And they are very interested in convincing her to stay in their version of the house.  Forever.

If the idea of a kid going through a secret door has you thinking The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, think again.  Coraline is dark.  I found parts superbly unsettling, and I think the suggested reading age is 9 for this YA novel!  As I said above, this would have totally freaked me out as a kid, but I love scary/creep stuff so it would have been right up my ally.  Also, this was my first experience reading Neil Gaiman.  He's great!  The version I had on my eReader included an interview with him about writing Coraline and what inspired the story.  If you decide to pick this up, go for the enhanced version, it's worth it.  Click here to check it out on Amazon.

I loved reading about a strong, smart, brave, and witty little girl figuring things out for her own.  And although this was technically a YA novel, it didn't feel young to me.  I used Coraline as my eReader/iPhone read.  I've been trying to keep a book going on my device for on-the-go reading and as an opportunity to grab a few pages when Dominic is playing.  After the week I've had, a nice, immersive read was just what the doctor ordered!  Highly recommend!


  1. I have read Neil Gaiman's Stardust and absolutely loved it! And even though the book was way darker than the movie, Gaiman's writing is so smooth and somehow so cheeky that it was such a joy to read. Will try to check out Coraline!

    1. Yes, the writing was fantastic. It was also a really quick read. I'll have to check out Stardust!