See you in October.

So I think it's time to "give up the ghost", as Dennis is so fond of saying.

I need to officially take a little break from the bloggy world.

I'm back at the grad school thing after taking an 8-month leave of absence.  It was hard enough before the baby.  Now I'm basically doing grad work during my lunch period, prep periods, while pumping in the nurse's office, after Dominic goes to bed at night, during nap time on the weekends and days off... it's all I do.  I have odd moments when I can skim through all of your wonderful posts.  At night I climb into bed and slowly chip away at Les Miserables until I doze off while reading and it hits me in the face.  You get the idea.  I have no time at the moment.

But I'll be done in October.  Done.

And until then I need to take the pressure off when it comes to this space.  

And I have some ideas about how I want to revamp and redesign things when I get back.

Until then... be well, my friends!  I'll see you during pumpkin season.