Friday, March 15, 2013

The Friday Five {March 15}

Some wonderful things on this Friday afternoon...

* Dominic is sitting up on his own.  And playing on his own much more.  I walked into daycare Tuesday to the most beautiful site - he wasn't fussing, wasn't needing to be carried, he was happily playing with blocks!  So exciting!

* Showing a musical to my music appreciation class.  I need the downtime and love watching musicals!

* Beautiful start to the week - spring is right around the corner.

* One month from today our music festival (MICCA) will be over, the Junior District Festival will be over, and the band and orchestra will be flying home from Disney world - performances behind them!


1.  A post that I found clever.

Have a bundt pan?  Want to see some other ways to use it?  Think beyond the cake!  Check out this post at Love, Laughter, and a Touch of Insanity.

2.  Posts that will eventually fill my tummy box.

Budget Bytes has a great recipe for navy bean soup with sausage and spinach.  More spinach in my diet and it looks delicious.  Win, win.

3.  Posts about books - or rather, a book.

Both The Broke and The Bookish AND Tiny Library reviewed Bitter Greens this week and it has been added to my wishlist - thanks guys!!!

4.  Posts that made me rethink previous advice.

I had a single (guy) friend once talk about how he never meets women in bars.  I told him that's because he's looking for love in a bar.  I said that if I was single I'd look for my soulmate in the bookstore.  I'd hang by the classic literature and the Jodi Picoult and wait for Mr. Right to come looking for the same stuff.  Well, this post at She is too fond of books has me rethinking my advice... although to be fair my friend was single and not creepy.

5.  A post that had me laughing and nodding.

Scary Mommy has a spin on that old Jeff Foxworthy bit.  You might be a parent if...

Enjoy the weekend, friends!

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  1. Laughed outloud at you might be a parent #s 6-10, 14, 29, & 30! Thanks for sharing -cynthia