Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Friday Five {March 1}

Can you believe it's March already???  This year is flying by faster than any previous year!

Some wonderful things.

I'm at the Massachusetts Music Educators Conference in Boston!  Having a wonderful time.  There are not many sessions dedicated to my discipline this year, but I'm having an amazing time watching the All-State orchestra rehearse.  Amazing musicians, amazing conductor.  The best part of the conference is reconnecting with colleagues from other school systems.  And listening to rehearsals.  I needed this conference this year more than in previous years.  It's been really relaxing and a great way to recharge the batteries.  Oh, and I stayed with a friend last night (sans baby), so I got 9 uninterrupted hours of sleep!  A-maz-ing.  I feel like a changed woman.  I can take on the world.

The five.

1.  Posts that made me go "Mmmmm...".

Blood orange margaritas are happening over at Smitten Kitchen.  Mom and I need to try these out this summer.  Poolside.  YES.  Annie's Eats has some lasagna-stuffed portabellos that look absolutely fantastic, and could be a great meatless option for us.  Skinny Taste has a recipe for crock pot sesame honey chicken that I'd love to try.  As I've said before, who doesn't love a crock pot meal - come home to an already made dinner?  Yes please.

2.  Posts about books.

So The House Girl made it to my list this week because I saw reviews for it everywhere!  Lots of different takes on this book check them out - Reflections of a Bookaholic, Leeswammes' Blog, Always with a Book, and The Blue Bookcase.

In addition, my wishlist got longer after reading these reviews.  Under My Apple Tree shared thoughts on The Painted Girls.  Love those paintings, used to take ballet, and I definitely don't read enough books that talk about dancers.  Kritters Ramblings reviewed Yesterday's Sun, a book that really hit her heart, and I believe it will hit mine as well.  Katie over at Book Love wrote about Titanic: Voices from the Disaster.  I don't typically read nonfiction, but this seems like the kind of nonfiction I can get into.  Excited to check it out at some point.

3.  A post that made me think winter is pretty.

I do like snow.  Although now that it's officially March I'm ready for spring.  I'll pass on the white stuff, please.  This post at Serendipitous was just so pretty I had to share.

4.  Posts that are bookish.

Loving Books shared classics she regretted reading when she was young.  I found the list to be interesting - I have a few of these myself.  The Misfortune of Knowing tackles the topic of "best sellers" and how label may not hold a lot of water these days.  Tiny Library talks about A Tale of Two Cities - a book that may be on my "classics I regret reading young" list and think I need to reconsider.  This review made me think the answer is a definite yes!  Finally, Greg made a post at Book Riot I really enjoyed.  The 10 best books he never read.  I have a handful of books I would put on a list like this as well!

5.  Posts that are mommyish.

This post at Pretty Providence had me nodding in agreement.  I wish I had read it before having Dominic.  True stuff.  On a completely different note, this post at Scary Mommy made me smile.  How to be a good friend.  I think you'll enjoy it.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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