Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Paris Wife, Paul McLain

Title:  The Paris Wife
Author:  Paul Mclain
Pages:  352
Genre:  Historical Fiction
Source:  Kindle - NH Downloadable Books
Why I picked it up:  It's been on my list, and it was available for free download from the library!

This is the final book due to review from my October reading spree!  Yay for being all caught up!

Another short review because I waited too long to write.

I knew nothing about Ernest Hemingway, let alone his first wife, Hadley.  I love a well-researched historical fiction!  It's a fun and interesting way to dabble in new time periods, new places, or to find out about new people.  Of course, the conversations are fictionalized, so there are ways that personalities get portrayed as the author intends.

The story actually made me kind of dislike Hemingway.  I'd be curious to see what other readers think. I found him to be selfish and immature.  Arrogant.  He struck me as one of those people who think they deserve to have whatever they want, no questions asked.  Did anyone else come away with this impression?  There's no doubt that when their love affair began, Hemingway was crazy about Hadley.  I'd be crazy about her too!  She seems to be easy and relaxed.  (I'm not sure what I think of the cover; I'm skeptical that Hadley would actually dress that way!  I've done a little research on her, and from the pictures I've seen she was a lot more casual than the cover leads us to believe.  I remember another blogger saying this in a review, unfortunately I don't remember who said it!)  As their marriage begins to unravel I found myself becoming increasingly irritated with Hemingway.  He has this great woman in his life and he's throwing it away!

As I said, this may have to do with the way he was painted by the author.

I've never actually read anything written by Hemingway; I'd like to give him a try.  Suggestions?

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