Friday, February 22, 2013

The Friday Five {February 22}

I'm looking through the posts I "starred" to include in the Five this week, and they're mostly recipes!  Being home on vacation makes me less rushed - basically I get a week when I think I can do it all, because I'm home/out and about with this adorable little baby, I have a clean house fabulous meals on the table.  Then I go back to work and life feels like I'm standing in front of a pipe leaking from a dozen different places and I'm trying to put my hands over each leak to contain the mess.  Luckily that doesn't start to really feel that way for a few weeks after I go back to work, and because I have the best job in the world, vacation is never far around the corner!

So I have five for you.

But first some wonderful things...

*  Sunrise painting the snow dark pink, light orange and then pale yellow.
*  A hot cup of strong coffee.
*  Nap time!
*  The feeling that spring is right around the corner.
*  Crossing everything off of my vacation to-do list!!!!!

Five.  Let's get the books in there first...

1.  Posts about books I loved.

I read The Shining a couple of years ago and loved it.  Up until that point I had only seen the movie, and I just fell in love with the book.  And Stephen King.  I love him.  I think that this book hits the right spot for me in terms of "scary".  Yes, there are supernatural elements.  But mostly?  It's about someone coming unglued.  And that's some scary stuff because it happens every day.  Avid Reader's Musings touches upon this - when Jack begins to justify his evil actions.  Great review, and it made me want to read another Stephen King!

2.  Posts that lengthened my Wishlist.

Kritters Ramblings is responsible for making my wishlist just a tad longer with her review of The House Girl.  A historically based novel rooted in the 19th century south.  A parallel modern-day storyline running beside it.  It all sounds like things I'd like!  I may save this one for summer... something about summer makes me crave Civil War era literature.  Anyone else?  Anyone want to take a stab at why?  I'm all ears.  Or Eyes, since this is a blog and all.

3.  Posts that made me nod in agreement.

I recently started following Scary Mommy (thank you, Pinterest).  I really enjoyed this post about young 20-something girls talking about the gross aspects of childbirth, and the response by the author.

4.  Posts that made me dream.

Corinne at Weaving in the Ends is dreaming about many of the same things I am lately.  Mostly of spring time, and her cottage by the sea.  I'm yearning for spring like never before... but I'm saving that for a completely separate post.

5.  Posts that will fill my belly.

So many delicious-looking things.

I grabbed three recipes from Budget Bytes this week.  Taco pizza - we like to do home made pizza once a week or so, and we're always looking for ways to kind of shake things up.  Oven fajitas
- because they seem easy and healthy, and who can beat that?  Blueberry Mug Muffin - because I frequently get up at the crack of dawn and would love this delicious treat!

Who doesn't love something in a slow cooker?  You come home from work and it's like someone broke into your house and cooked dinner!  Skinny Taste posted a recipe for Slow Cooked Jerk Pork with Caribbean Salsa and it looks amazing.

Every summer I work at SYMS (Summer Youth Music School) hosted at UNH.  I really love working at the camp.  The music-making, the reconnecting, it's all wonderful.  We have meal tickets and eat at the dining hall.  UNH actually has a fabulous dining department!  There are these white chocolate macadamia nut cookies that are probably my favorite thing in the world.  I don't usually have much of a sweet tooth, and I usually avoid the dessert table, but when these cookies are out I go crazy.  Like 4 cookies crazy.  So when I saw this recipe at Annie's Eats I had to put it aside for later.  I'll see how it compares to UNH.  :)


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