Monday, February 11, 2013

Oh blizzard, my blizzard

We got completely buried this weekend!  Over two feet of snow fell in a little more than 24 hours - and it was glorious!  I'm a fan of winter weather.  I am a teacher, after all.  I don't usually have to drive into work if it's messy out; I just get to enjoy the beauty.

We didn't go anywhere.  Wait, let me rephrase.  I didn't go anywhere.  Husband dearest did the grocery shopping and I hung with Dominic.  When he napped I didn't spend the whole time cleaning and doing laundry.  I caught up on reviews.  I sorted my google reader.  It was amazing.

It's actually doing a snowy sleety thing outside right now.  I had planned on feeding the little man and heading off to daycare around 8:30, but he fell into an adorable sleep and I didn't have the heart to strap him into his carrier and whisk him off.

Mornings like this make me thankful for my schedule.

I work in 5 buildings.  I teach three high school classes, then spend the end of each day at a different elementary school.  This basically means that if I have a first period class I start my day at the high school time and end at the elementary school time.  If I have a second period class, I start at what is essentially the middle school time, and end at the elementary school time.  It boils down to me working about 7 extra hours every time our high school schedule rotates.  So you're asking, how am I thankful for what is essentially an extra work day unpaid?  I'll tell you.  To balance this out, I come in late when I don't have a first or second period class.  Totally worth it.  I get a few long days in a row, then I get to have a lazy morning with Dom.  I love it!  It's beautiful because I got to let him sleep at home this morning while I got a few things done.  There are not many teachers who get this flexibility in their schedules, and I constantly remind myself of how lucky I am.

I'm trying to make the most of this time before I strap on my thinking cap and head back to grad school in May.  Four more classes.  That's 8 months.  8 months of using every spare moment to do homework.  It's going to suck.  But after that I'm done.  I'll have my degree, and a raise, and a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

Until May, I'll be trying to enjoy as much as possible!

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