Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sad face

Reflecting on how this is going to be my absolute crappiest reading year ever.  E.  V.  E.  R.  Depressing.  I'd blame this little guy...

but I think it's more from stupid grad school.  Also, please ignore the fact that it was trash day the next day when this picture was taken and we had stuff to take out!

Speaking of stupid grad school, I'm taking another leave of absence until May.  Mostly so I can do middle of the night feedings and deal with nighttime fussiness without having homework on my mind.  Also because it will be easier for Dennis to take our little bundle of joy outside or to the park as a 9-month-old eating solids compared to our little milk monster 3-month-old who considers Mommy to be food that he needs every 2-3 hours.  Also.  I may actually get to read for pleasure - the grad school thing is burning me out.  For reals.  Pleasure reading actually figured into the equation.  Shh.  Don't tell!

Anyway.  Just feeling low about my lack of reading.  Love my little man, but wish I had more time to stick my nose in a book - or at the very least wasn't too exhausted to read after he goes to bed!  Happy to be earning an advanced degree, but wish it was easier and there wasn't so much textbook reading.

This too shall pass, as Grammy always says.

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