Friday, October 19, 2012

Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim, David Sedaris

Title:  Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim
Author:  David Sedaris
Pages:  257
Genre:  Short story / Essay
Source:  Kindle - I checked out from the NH downloadable book site!
Why I picked it up: It's been on my wishlist and I needed the humor!
What you'll love:  Amusing!
What will bug you:  Nothing.

I'm happy to have read this!  Every time I read David Sedaris I think about how much I enjoy him.

Sedaris uses himself, his family, and his upbringing to write these essays, all of which are funny or disfunctional (or both, which is what makes them funny).  I love reading about the odd things people experience during childhood.  That old saying "nobody escapes childhood unscathed" is certainly true.  I hope to raise little Dominic with some fun stories he can tell as an adult.  Of course, Sedaris does not just focus on childhood in this book.

Since they are all so short and different it's hard to really write a "review".  I enjoy the writing; there's a real voice present throughout the book.  The brand of humor is one that I like.  It's not silly, but rather slightly dark.  Those of us who are sarcastic can appreciate it.

A short review, but an awesome read.  If you have not experienced David Sedaris before, I highly recommend you check him out!  Here's a youtube clip of him reading one of the essays; Six to Eight Black Men.  You're welcome!

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