Friday, September 7, 2012

Just for fun...

Just for a little fun... a meme I saw at A Literary Odyssey and A Room of One's Own.

A little fun, and because Dennis is holding the baby!  Speaking of baby... after reading what I just wrote it's pretty obvious where my head is these days!  Yikes!

I have been...

Lists.  Grocery lists.  To-do lists for while baby sleeps.  Tracking feeding times.  Questions for the doctor.  Questions for the lactation staff.  I've done a little writing over at Kate's Cradle, but I've mainly been up to my ears in lists.  

Thank god for my Kindle.  Seriously.  Les Miserables has taken a little bit of a back seat (only to be enjoyed when baby is sleeping or is having Daddy time).  I found a way to position my hand so I can nurse the little guy and press the "next page" button on the Kindle.  Fantastic!  It makes those long feeding sessions so much better, especially when they're in the middle of the night.  I'm still enjoying my Lord of the Rings re-read.  I'm almost halfway through The Two Towers.

Dominic and I have a playlist for when we're playing on his activity mat.  Some fun tunes are on there - Earth, Wind, and Fire, Stevie Wonder - and we sing along.  I have a soft piano mix that we've been enjoying when we need quiet time.  And - I have a really fun upbeat playlist (Rihanna, Lady Gaga, stuff like that) for my walks.  The baby weight is gone - let's see if nursing combined with walking can be my miracle combination to lose even more weight!  :)

We cut the cord a few years ago and canceled cable - we just use Netflix and Hulu.  I wouldn't go back.  I think one month we were paying the bill, looked at each other and realized neither of us had even turned on the TV that month.  Soooo not worth the money.  That being said, I use Netflix way more than I used to use live TV.  I've been watching the series "Breaking Bad", which we just got into, and "Parks & Recreation".  

I'm looking at a sleeping babe next to me.  I'm also looking at the clock because I have to feed him pretty soon and I'm trying to get as much done as possible before he wakes up and wants to eat!  

How to be a mom.

I'm feeling happy and fortunate to have this little nugget next to me, and so lucky to be able to take maternity leave to spend time with him (I go back to work in November).  I'm also feeling pretty tired because I hardly sleep anymore.  :)  I'm feeling close to and grateful to my husband.  I'm just starting to feel like the fog and the fear is lifting and I'm comfortable taking said nugget out of the house on outings.  It's a great feeling.  Although life will never be the same (of course not!) I feel like it's starting to include all the things that made me me.  

An autumn season at home instead of work.  Apple picking and pumpkin picking.  Taking Dominic to these new places.  Getting him able to use the baby bjorn without crying so I can take walks at the beach.  That first newborn smile.

Wishing for more sleep.  For my students to behave and work hard for my long-term substitute.  

The little guy.  Dennis.  Our new family.

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