Friday, September 7, 2012

I still want to hop back into bed

A one-month-old = sleep deprivation.  I want to take my former pre-baby self and say "Honey, you don't even know what tired is.  Your body is capable of running on way less sleep than you thought possible."
Book Blogger Hop
A huge thank you to Jennifer at Crazy for Books for taking the time to host the hop!  If you're visiting Kate's Library for the first time, I hope you stick around!  Make sure to leave a comment!  I will return the visit - although I can't promise when that will be!
Our question this week:
What book series do you never want to see end?
Easy.  Harry Potter.  I want to see what life is like for Harry and Ginny and their kids.  I loved that series, and I would like to know more about "happily ever after".

What about you?

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