Monday, July 2, 2012

Pinterest Explosion

...but first a few thoughts on reading and stats.

I'm always amazed to see the "It's Monday, what are you reading?" posts.  They always further solidify that I just don't read as much as other bloggers.  I get swept into other things, sometimes by choice, sometimes not so much.  

I know this is going to be my lowest reading year in quite some time, and I completely blame it on grad school and baby (okay, mostly grad school if I'm being fair...)!  

But here are my thoughts.  I'm completely fine with it.  I love to read.  I love to write about what I read.  And most of all, I like to be part of a community of readers who enjoy books like I do, and who want to talk about books like I do.  So I have less books crossed off my list in December.  It's okay.  The main thing is that I loved the journey, and I loved sharing it with all of you.  So thank you!

...and now I'll launch into a description of what I did yesterday.  Because I could have been reading.  But instead I got sucked into Pinterest.

I have a fabulous family - my biological family and my in-laws.  In particular, I have two sisters-in-law (my husband's sister Stacy and my brother's wife Katie) who are great.  I got married, my brother got married, and I gained two sisters.  Win!  Anyway, Katie (little bro's wife) has been trying to get me into Pinterest for months.  Finally, we were visiting with our friend, Zac, yesterday.  He and Dennis were watching a documentary on the Civil War.  I was sitting with them and decided I'd poke around Pinterest and figure it all out.  O.  M.  G.  My whole day was spent before I knew it.  

So, I'm inviting you to follow me on Pinterest (and I'll follow you back!).  It's all personal, fun, and for the most part non-bookish.  But if you're interested, please clicky click.  

Have a great week!

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