Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hopping from the mountain tops!

Happy Hop! 
Book Blogger Hop

I am indeed hopping from the mountain tops - I'm visiting my Mom for a couple of days (Thursday - Saturday) in the Mount Washington Valley in NH.  So far we had some pool time, and a little shopping (I got a pair of earrings and some sunglasses).  Dinner at a faboulous pizza placed called "Flatbreads" and TV tonight... although Mom fell asleep and I'm blogging.  Tomorrow?  We're trying to decide if we're going to take a long drive and get lunch, or get breakfast and hang by the pool.  Looks like it'll be warm tomorrow, so the pool may win. 


If you're visiting Kate's Library for the first time, welcome!!!  Please stick around.  I review mainly literary fiction with some other stuff mixed in when it tickles my fancy.  I'm currently re-reading The Lord of the Rings trilogy... something about summer makes me want to dive into those books!

Our prompt this week:

Do you have a keeper shelf for books you loved?  What books are on that shelf and why?

My shelf isn't that huge to begin with.  I don't really have a large stash of books (read or unread).  I try to only buy books when I have a gift card, and other than that I use my Kindle or the library.  There are certain titles I just want to have on my shelf, in physical form.  So yes, I guess I do have a keeper shelf.  On it are mostly classics - War and Peace, Les Miserables, all my Jane Austen.  You know, stuff like that.  I also have a few interesting copies that I will be holding on to - a first edition of A Prayer for Owen Meany, a beautifully bound Lord of the Rings trilogy all in one book, and a strangly shaped Life of Pi that has illustrations. 

What about you??

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  1. We're in the mountains too, but the mountains of TN :)
    I do have a keeper shelf for the best oh the best...The Awakening is there and Little Women among others :)