Friday, June 22, 2012

Hop to work!

Book Blogger Hop
The title of this post is for me.  I have a final paper for my current class due on Sunday night, and so much left to do.  After that, two weeks off before another class!  Yippie!  I'm also now officially on summer vacation - and unless Dominic decides to arrive late this will be my longest "summer vacation" ever - until Thanksgiving!  So exciting.  But - the paper first.

A huge "Thank you!" to Jennifer at Crazy for Books for hosting the hop!

Thank you for visiting Kate's Library!  I mainly review literary fiction, historical fiction, and "classics".  I'm currently in the midst of a Lord of the Rings re-read and think it's the perfect way to kick off my summer!  Make sure to leave a comment so I can return your visit (even if it may not be until after Sunday)!

Our prompt this week.
Do you immediately write a review upon finishing a book or do you wait and write multiple reviews at once?
I definitely try to write the review as soon as possible.  I find that if I wait there are small details of the book that I forget to include in the post.  Time permitting, I like to close the book, collect my thoughts, and start writing.  Every once in awhile I need a day or two to process my feelings about a book, but not usually.

What about you???

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