Friday, June 1, 2012

The Friday Five {June 1-3}

Happy Friday everyone!!

Kind of a strange Five for you today... lots of food posts!  (I was sick with a stomach bug half of the week.  It was strange.  I couldn't really eat, but wanted to.)  Anyway - some wonderful things...

* Peonies in the garden.
* "Clean Cotton" candles.
* All of my spring concerts done!!!

Here's some FIVE for you.

A quote
1.  The Kitchen Witch delivers a quote from Oscar Wilde.  I found myself nodding to her post title "Ain't That the Truth?"

Posts that looked delicious
2.  Kind of excited to have found this new-to-me blog, Budget Bytes!  Next week I'll be trying this lemon raspberry baked oatmeal - not only does it sound delicious, but it's a breakfast I can make ahead.  Doesn't get better than that.

Also from Budget Bytes, rosemary and pepper drop biscuits.  Biscuits are one of my all-time favorite things, and rosemary is my favorite herb!  Win, win.

Maybe it's because I haven't had a drink since December, but these strawberry wine coolers I saw at Annie's Eats looked amazing.  I had to laugh when she mentioned wine coolers (and Arbor Mist wine) as being one of the first alcoholic beverages many experience.

Another new-to-me blog, Skinny Taste!  Healthy cooking, and it looks fantastic.  Ever had fried pickles?  Absolutely amazing.  I'm psyched to try this healthier version...

Posts about books that deserve a second chance
3.  Jillian at A Room of One's Own has made me want to give Mrs. Dalloway another shot.  I tried it once before but just couldn't get through it.  I think it was the stream-of-consciousness writing.  I felt like I had to read it in one sitting... there was no good place to stop, and when I went back to it I had no idea where it was headed or where it had just come from.  I should embrace it and just try again.

Posts about a certain classic
4.  I think I need to read The Secret Garden this summer.  The universe must be trying to tell me something because I saw it two different places this week.  Under My Apple Tree and A Literary Odyssey!

Posts about movies about books
5.  Thank you to Book Rat for posting about The Great Gatsby coming to the big screen!  Leonardo, you've come a long way since you captured my heart as Jack Dawson.  :)  I think this is going to be fab - although I'm slightly nervous to hear all the modern sounding music.  It's the 20's... I want some big band!

And the best for last.  I could do a whole separate post on this.  Les Miserables.  This Christmas.  Thank you to Dead White Guys for sharing this, because I've literally watched the trailer almost 10 times (a few of them on the phone with my Mom...).  It looks like an amazing cast.  I'm so excited!  ...and the timing is perfect for my chunkster challenge.  So if you want to link up but haven't signed up - this is the perfect reason to go for it!  Check the sidebar!

Have a great weekend!

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