Monday, June 18, 2012

A Bookish Baby Shower

We are so lucky.

Saturday was our baby shower.  So much work went into it (especially the work of my bro's wife, Katie!), and it was a beautiful day.  Katie planned a bookish shower!  It was decorated with everything bookish, and with the invitations, guests received a book plate and were asked to bring a children's book to start baby Dominic's library!  Mom works at an elementary school and there was a pile of old books that were missing pages and all torn and stained.  She brought some of them home to cut out decorations.

I figure if there's anywhere to share a book baby shower, this is the place.  So here are some pictures!

A sign to welcome the guests!

A baby bookshelf for guests to leave their contributions!  And everyone signed a copy of "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish".

Framed book covers.

More adorable decorations.

The little circles are cut-outs from children's books an elementary school was throwing away.

Beautiful flowers in an old jelly jar.  In the water - magnet letters.

Food and drink had blocks for stands and labels from nursery rhymes.  This one is "Little Bo Peep's Punch".

The round things are paper lanterns covered in round cut-out from children's books getting thrown away.  I'm going to use them as a mobile over the crib.


Dominic... meet your parents.  :)

Lucky indeed!  A beautiful day, and such supportive friends and family helping us get started as a trio!

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