Monday, January 23, 2012


Hey everyone!  I have been reading, albeit slowly.  Class just started and I'm trying to get my bearings.  

Oh, also... I've been growing a human!!!!!!  

A couple of days before Christmas Dennis and I found out that we were going to be parents!  The neatest part of those first few days was that we were able to tell our parents, siblings, and grandparents on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. A mighty gift!  

Today I was supposed to have a check-up (blood work, etc.) and I mentioned that I'm slightly anxious as this is my first pregnancy and I'd love to get an ultrasound sooner than I have scheduled.  Their response?  No problem.  We can do it now!

So I got to see our little cutie... head, little stumpy arm/leg buds, and most importantly, a strongly beating heart!  Seeing that on the screen and being able to hear it was the most amazing thing we've experienced!  

9 weeks along.  Due date is August 30!  (Yeah, there's a baby blog in the works too... more on that later!)

So I'll get class in order, I'll get a little more energy, and I'll tell you all about Clash of Kings, which I am loving so far!

Check out this little bundle - kind of looks like a jellybean, and that name has officially stuck around my house!  (Head is facing up in this shot, little arms on the sides.)

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