Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Five {December 30 - January 1}

The last Friday in 2011!  Of course I'm behind again so I have 9 posts to share with you this week.  Click the Friday Five icon on the left for details - the linky below is open all weekend if you want to play along!

1.    After my Laura Ingalls Wilder reading spree this past summer I really enjoyed this post over at "A Bookish Space" - it's all about Little House inspired reading!  (What's better than that???)

2.  Allie at "A Literary Odyssey" has instructions on how to make book trees and book wreaths.  They are super cute!  I have a couple of really old books that I've tried to give away to no avail - they may be destined to decorate my home during the holidays!

3.  This post at "Green Girl from Wisconsin" made me smile.  I also come home to find Dennis has stacked dirty dishes in the sink when there's a nearly empty dishwasher.  Even worse - I've found he put dirty dishes in with the clean ones and just decided to run it again instead of unload.  What's that about?  Apparently I am also the only one who understands how that blasted machine works!

4.  Spreading some news for my bookish friends who are fans of YA!  Harper Collins is is offering a deal - 10 books for $10.  Check it out!  Thanks to "Dog-Eared and Bookmarked" for the post!

5.  This is from "The Book Lady" - Snoop Dogg delivers a Christmas poem.  I read this post and texted it to my brother (response: OMG), my husband (response: txt that to your brother), and my Dad (response: who the he'll is that.  i mean hell.).  Enjoy.

6.  "Page Turners" offers her thoughts on one of my favorites - The Lord of the Rings.  Love these books!

7.  Summer over at "Our Little Baby" shares some of the worst Christmas songs.  I'm in agreement.  

8.  A recipe for homemade bagels!  Thank you to "Annie's Eats" for this post - I can't wait to try these out!  

9.  To wrap things up here's a quote from "The Story Girl" - perfect for the new year. 

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