Friday, December 2, 2011

The Friday Five {December 2-4}

The theme of the night is "Kate time".  I reduced myself to tears with my assignment last night and have just now decided I need to take the night off from school work.  Wee!!!!

I have six to share today - I guess I'm in a celebrating kind of mood...

1.  This made me smile because it's so true!  "Pen and Paper" shares the alphabet - or rather, how kids nowadays (I think I aged 10 years just by typing that...) are learning it!

2.  Summer at "Our Little Baby" makes me smile on a pretty regular basis.  Although the blog is mostly baby-based, I think my bookish friends will love her take on the film version of Breaking Dawn.

3.  A very nice, thoughtful post from "The Lit Quest" on feminism.  

4.  "The Betty and Boo Chronicles" shares s*it her kids to do give her a heart attack.  This made me literally lol and I called my Mom to tell her the story.

5.  I'm kind of a fan of "Improve Everywhere".  A post with a video (!) of Katie from "Color Me Katie" singing about Santa in the mall.  

6.  This is just a bit of deliciousness.  Dennis loves brussels sprouts.  I had only tried them steamed and proclaimed them to be dis-GUS-ting.  I recently tried trimming them, roasting them on a cookie sheet with EVOO, salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes and changed my mind.  Yum-O.  Here's a recipe from "Smitten Kitchen" on how to make them dijon-braised.  Looks good, right?

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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