Friday, September 9, 2011

A hop, skip, and a jump

Thank you so much to Jennifer at "Crazy for Books" for hosting the blog hop! 
Book Blogger Hop
If you're visiting Kate's Library for the first time, welcome!  I hope you decide to stay.  I mainly read literary and historical fiction with a few other genres mixed in (as you will soon read in our prompt!).  I host a meme called the "Friday Five" - a chance to share some of my favorite blog posts with you from the week. 

Our prompt this week is...

Many of us read only one genre of books, with others sprinkled in.  If authors stopped writing that genre, what genre would you start reading?  Or would you give up reading completely if you couldn't read that genre anymore?
As I said above, I gravitate toward literary and historical fiction.  I think if I couldn't get my hands on that genre anymore it would take a long time for me to get through all that's out there!  After that, I suppose I would probably start reading paranormal or sci-fi books.  I'm a big Stephen King fan! 

How about you???

Have a great weekend!

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