Monday, August 29, 2011

Little Town on the Prairie, Laura Ingalls Wilder

Title:  Little Town on the Prairie
Author:  Laura Ingalls Wilder
Pages:  307
Genre:  Fiction, YA
Source:  My bookshelf
What you'll love:  The beginning romance between Laura and Almanzo, and seeing Laura as a teenager.
What will bug you:  I wasn't a fan of the last literary meeting when the men put on a performance in blackface - although I do realize it was 1882.

My warning - I'm not really thinking about spoilers here, so take that into consideration if you don't know the story and want to be surprised.

I think this is my favorite so far!  I'm so excited for Mary to have the opportunity to go to college.  Of all the sisters, she really deserves it.  I'm so proud of Laura, trying hard to do whatever she can to help out.  I've also decided that I really like Carrie.  She's such a kindhearted little girl.  No matter what Laura gets invited to, she's so happy for her. 

Laura certainly seems to be intelligent.  Although of course now we push our students much further (obviously), the amount of information she is expected to know by heart is pretty impressive.  Even though it's just long division, some of the arithmetic she is able to do in her head is more than I can do.  I need to write that stuff down!  

School is certainly an interesting place in this book.  Sheeeeee's baaaaacccck!  Nellie Oleson strikes again.  As her TV personality will someday write - she really is a prairie bitch.  I dislike her even more now than I did in On the Banks of Plum Creek because she's older and should have matured.  

Speaking of bitches, what's going on with Miss Wilder???  I have no recollection of the rest of this series, so I'm curious how Laura resolves her issues with Miss Wilder once she and Almanzo start to get serious.  

Almanzo is too cute, walking Laura home.  Those certainly were simpler times.  He's so kind, the perfect match for Laura and her tendency to get a little fiery!  I wonder what he has heard about her from Eliza Jane.  He has either heard nothing, or he has hear a lot and doesn't care because it's coming from Eliza Jane.  

The perfect hurricane read.  :)  Onward.  

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