Friday, July 8, 2011

The Friday Five {July 8-10}

Oh, it's nice to be back!  After a little Friday Five break at the end of the school year, I'm pretty excited to share these links with you!  Please play along and share the bloggy love - click here to find out how.  

Before we start...

Wonderful things...

Today is my birthday, yo!  We're celebrating Kate's 30th birthday - the sequel!

I started grad school this week.  First class?  Research and Bibliography.  Not so exciting, but I'm going at it with the excitement of a new student!

My husband just texted me a photo of the crispellis (dough wrapped around cheese and fried.  yeah. I know.) he's bringing home for me.  Yum!

I did an overnight with my Mom and Gram up in Northern NH.  Three generations, all happy to be together.

OK.  Enough about me!  Here are the five!

1.  A new book on the wishlist, thanks to "Loving Books".  Leaving Van Gogh sounds like it will be right up my alley.  My Mom was an art major, so I grew up surrounded by pictures and textbooks with prints.  I love Van Gogh!  

2.  I found out about a new blog today, from "Sarah Reads Too Much".  "Tiny Library" has a post which serves as a blog directory.  How fun!  I'm looking forward to adding more blogs to my google reader!  The link goes to Sarah's post - since that's where I found out the info!

3.  I got an iPad for my birthday!  (A community effort between Dennis, my parents, his parents, my brother/SIL, and his sister/BIL.)  A big thank you to "The Boston Bibliophile" for sharing a handful of bookish apps!  I've been playing with them on my new toy!  ;)

4.  A Sunday Snapshot post from "At Home With Books".  Just because it's beautiful.

5.  Thank you to "The Reading Life" for reviewing, thus pointing out, a book that is not on my wishlist but should be.  The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo.  How could I have missed that when I listed classic literature I'd like to read?

I hope you play along!  ...and I hope you have a great weekend!  Happy Friday!

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