Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Friday Five {July 29-31}

Hey everyone.  I know... it's not Friday.  I'm incredibly late again this week.  When camp's over next weekend, things will calm down quite a bit and life will become more normal.

Camp pros:  
Making music all day
Great kids
Seeing friends I went to college with
Seeing great music teachers teach
Getting ideas
Staying the dorm
Feeling like a college student again

Camp cons:
Trying to find a balance!  Sleeping at the dorm a few days, coming home for 1.  Repeat.
The dining hall is actually really delicious.  This is dangerous.
Trying to work on this Master's class while enjoying all the pros.  Big project week ahead...

Wonderful things in general:
Beautiful weather this past week.
Dennis is really into the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series - he's on book 1 (I plan on trying to get a guest post out of him....).
The sweet smell of freshly cut grass.
Coming down to the sunny kitchen on a Sunday morning to smell coffee brewing.

On to the (late) Five!

1.  This post was super fun for me to read - a little art and music from Jillian at "A Room of One's Own".  Monet and Chopin!

2.  Another post from Jillian.  I suspect that this is an older post that is being transferred over to wordpress - but it was great and you should read it!  One of my favorite books from when I was a kid.  "Charlotte's Web".  

3.  A couple of weeks ago I bought Matterhorn by Karl Marlantes.  I was pretty excited to see this post over at "The New Dork Review of Books".  As always, a thoughtful review.  I'll be excited to read it.

4.  I always feel a little validated when I read a post at "The Bitchy Waiter" and realize I have never even dreamed of behaving the way he is describing.  Now that it's summer and the sun is shining, Bitchy gives us tips on how to dine on a patio.  

5.  This post is so bookish and fun!  Thanks to Melody at "Fingers & Prose for sharing these posters - an image made up of an entire printed book.  Too fun!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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