Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Friday Five {July 22-25}

The Friday Five - a day late.  So sorry about that, Friday was the final day of week 1 of camp, and I had a paper due... life won over blogging.  :(

In other news... wonderful things...

* As I already mentioned, week 1 of camp is over.  Bittersweet.  Great kids this week, and Monday we get a new batch, high school kids this time for two weeks.  I heart music camp!

* We've had a crazy heat wave here in New England.  This is not a wonderful thing, but having an air conditioned dorm room while at camp is a wonderful thing.

* Dennis bought a special brush for the cats in an attempt to combat the fur on the floor.  It works well.  Actually, I'm kind of surprised they're not bald considering how much we removed last night.

* Looks like we got some rain last night, which my flowers were thankful for.

On to the five...

1.  I love how Amy from "Lucky Number 13" was playing library with her kids.  The pictures are too cute, and I love how she kept it real by giving us the behind the scenes at the end.  Beautiful pictures, as always!

2.  I can't thank Rebecca - aka The Book Lady - for sharing this video of Christopher Walken reading "The Three Little Pigs".  He's so hysterical and creepy, and it provided lots of laughter on my couch this week!

3.  More helpful advice from Marian Schembari - she shares 7 Firefox pulgins that keep her sane.  I am also a fan of the Firefox pulgins, and I added a couple after this post!

4.  I always love The Sassy Curmudgeon's "Scenes from a Marriage" posts.  Here is one where they talk to their unborn child and her husband makes a very important observation about being male.

5.  A great post at "Serendipitous" this week - "the little girl" reads a children's book on an iPad.  I also love to see how these new tools make reading, etc. fun for kids.  It's amazing how comfortable they are with technology. 

Have a great weekend!

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