Friday, July 15, 2011

The Friday Five {July 15-17}

Happy Friday!

Wonderful things:

1.  Yesterday and today are hot and not humid, which is just perfect!
2.  The final Harry Potter is out!
3.  I treated myself to sushi for lunch because I had a craaaazy morning.  Yum.

I hope your Friday is going as well as mine.  Let's spread some blog love.  If you want to play along, click here to find out how to do the FIVE!

1.  I've heard a lot about Major Pettigrew's Last Stand - but this thoughtful review over at "At Pemberley" made me add it to my wishlist.  

2.  "The Reading Ape" shared some uncollected thoughts on Harry Potter.  Well done (as always)!  I especially agree with number 4, and found myself asking number 11 more than once (although overall, I just do).

3.  Another book on the wishlist thanks to "Write Meg".  Girl in Translation sounds like it's right up my alley.  

4.  "The Sassy Curmudgeon" shares a text from her sister.  I found this especially amusing because my Mom told me that during her trip to Paris, she was stuck in traffic, and from the car in front of her, a woman emerged, had her child poo on the sidewalk, and then got back into the car.  It was the end of her trip, and Mom finally felt ready to come home.

5.  ...and for pure fun (and the spreading of blog and birthday love), here's a Harry Potter themed post from "A Literary Odyssey".  The pictures she shared prompted me to share the quote on facebook and again on twitter.  

And that's all she wrote!  Sorry the five is a little rushed (or maybe I just feel rushed???).  I'm sitting at a Starbucks, totally high on caffeine, and about to be late to my next appointment!  Happy weekend!

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