Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Friday Five is coming back!

Good morning everyone!  

A few non-bookish personal updates for you...

* Our last day of school was yesterday (woo-hoo!)!  This was my first year teaching at the high school, so even though it was my 8th year teaching it felt like my first year all over again.  It was wonderful, and I'm glad it's under my belt!

*  Next week I'm chaperoning the marching band trip to Disney!  What's better than Florida with 60 teenagers?  I think we will have a laptop in our room, and I'll have my google reader on my phone, so I'll be keeping up with your posts and hopefully have a Friday Five for you next week! (I'll also almost definitely have another non-bookish post about the trip, so you have that to look forward to as well!) 

I got accepted to grad school!!!!  I'm starting my Master's in Music Education at Boston University.  It's a 100% online program, which is perfect for my full time schedule and private music students.  I have several colleagues who have completed the program and they have all told me that although it's very vigorous it's very manageable.  Lots of reading and writing.  I think I can do that!  My first class starts July 5!

These past few weeks have been so insane I could not keep up with all of your posts!  Too much skimming, which I don't like.  I think next week will be better, even though I'll be exhausted.  See you next week for the Five.

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