Friday, April 29, 2011

The Friday Five {April 29-May1}

Why Friday - I've missed you so!  

1.   When you see a blog post title "The Placenta will make Kick Ass Margaritas" you really have to click over and see what's going on.  Am I right?  Here's a little silliness from "Anne Nahm".

2.  I love humorous children's books.  Especially the ones that take a commonly known story and change it up.  Throw in some kind of adult humor to boot?  Magic.  Enjoy this: Jon Scieszka (and other stupid fairy tales...)

3.  We had a beautiful morning today in New Hampshire!  This inspired me to include "early morn" by "Serendipitous".  Lovely!

4.  Madeline Bea did a series called "Celebration of Spring" - each focused on a beautiful spring color.  I absolutely loved this!!!!  (Especially the green.  There's just something about that beautiful springy green - it only happens once a year!)  {Yellow}  {Whispering Blossoms }  {Green Toile}  {Pretty in Pink}

5.  "The Broke and the Bookish" shared these fun, fabulous and witty anti-illiteracy ad campaigns!

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