Friday, March 11, 2011

The Friday Five {March 11-13}

OMG Friday.  It's been so long!  

I hope you're ready for a little weekend, everyone, because I certainly am!  This week was crazy - a massive concert to put together, a staff development afternoon, lots of practicing for my upcoming concert, a sick husband, and a dress rehearsal tonight.  It doesn't stop!  

Speaking of concerts and dress rehearsals - if you're in the NH area and looking for a fun Saturday night, come on out to hear the New Hampshire Philharmonic play!  We're performing Beethoven's fifth symphony, Shostakovich Cello Concerto No. 2, and Bach double concerto for Violin and Oboe!  Bonus?  You'll see me in the viola section.  :)

Want to FIVE with me?

1.  "Roving Reads" posted a review of one of my new favorites - Jane Eyre.  She had some great things to say, and isn't it always fun to catch another person's thoughts on something you recently read?

2.  I don't typically read YA, however when I saw this review of The Book Thief over at "The Literary Amnesiac" I sat up and took notice.  I ended up putting it on my wishlist, which at first I found surprising, but then said to myself "Kathy is recommending it.  Are you really that surprised?"  Kathy has not led me astray in the past. 

3.  One of my favorite things about "The Kitchen Witch" is the blend of personal stories and great recipes.  Click over to find out what it was like to kiss Scott Slater, and how that ultimately leads you to a recipe for pizza.

4.  There's nothing better on a dreary exhausting afternoon than to read a great review about a great book and then add said book to your wishlist!  Thank you to "Under My Apple Tree" for perking up my day and for making my wishlist a liiiiiiitle bit longer.  The Postmistress sounds like one I wouldn't want to miss.

5.  I enjoy a good memoir, but as "Tina Says..." there seem to be so many out there about someone who survived a severely dysfunctional childhood.  Sounds like The Memory Palace is a little different though, so it's a memoir to add to the list!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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