Thursday, February 17, 2011

Literary Blog Hop {February 17-20}

Literary Blog Hop

The Literary Blog Hop is hosted by "The Blue Bookcase".  It's a biweekly hop for blogs focused primarily on literary fiction.  Click above for more information!

This week's prompt...
If you were going off to war (or some other similarly horrific situation), and could only take one book with you, which book would you take and why?
My first reaction is "Well, I'd just take my Kindle, then I wouldn't have to choose!" - but that's like saying you wish for more wishes.

A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving is one of my favorite books.  For me, this book really hits upon all my emotions.  There are moments of absolute laugh-out-loud humor, moments of serious philosophy and contemplation.  Moments that uplift, and moments that depress.  I like that it deals with themes of faith in a way that's spiritual but not focusing on one particular religion.

I've read it so many times and never tire of it.  I think it would have that familiar feel, like visiting an old friend - yet it's complicated and deep enough to have you always notice something new.

For me, this is the complete package.

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