Friday, February 4, 2011

The Friday Five {February 4-6}

Tommy and I enjoy the snow and a book.
Another week.

Another snow day.  

We had an early release on Tuesday and no school on Wednesday.  I happily watched War and Peace on DVD, read and cooked.  I seriously suspect I will go into complete shock and exhaustion when I finally get in a full work week!  

On to the five!

1.  I think this post on "The Tiger Mom" really hits the nail on the head.  Although this is from a "religious" blog I follow, I decided to include it, as the post is really about this much-talked-about book.  However, just to be clear.  There is no religion pushing going on here.  It's not my style!  :)

2.  A little quote from "Ordinary Courage" this week.  Who doesn't love a little C. S. Lewis?

3.  Seeing these "Twilight" inspired wedding bands made me gag.  ...and decide to share this post by Rebecca at "The Book Lady's Blog" with you asap!  

4.  I really enjoyed this post by "Desert Book Chick".  I sometimes feel a little embarrassed at my small - compared to some book bloggers - list of books read in a year.  This made me realize I'm doing the right thing.  Reading at a pace that I'm comfortable, and reading for the sheer love of it!

5.  I've officially made Let the Great World Spin the next book I read!  I have Melissa from "The Betty and Boo Chronicles" to thank for this - a great review!

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