Friday, February 11, 2011

The Friday Five {February 11-13}

Hello there!  Do you need the weekend?  Yes?  Me too!  Let's celebrate!

The Friday Five - click the lovely lady <-- to read all about how to celebrate the weekend with blog love!

1.  This week I discovered a new blog - "An Attitude Adjustment".  I've quickly become a new fan.  This is a great post about Portia de Rossi's Unbearable Lightness.  I'm not one for celeb books, but this one really sounds like something I'd find interesting.  Jana has a great discussion going on about body image - click over to add your two cents.

2.  This past fall, I resolved to figure out Twitter.  From some of the comments I received, many of you would like to do the same, but are unsure of where/how to start.  This is a great post from "Marian Schembari" on How to start on Twitter without looking like a newbie Lots of useful information!

3.  I've recently raved about Priya Parmar's Exit the Actress (giveaway alert... sidebar...).  Lisa over at "Bibliophiliac" posted a great interview with Priya that is very click-worth.

4.  I love that my husband and I have a sense of humor with each other - even when the situation is embarrassing.  This post at "Anne Nahm" had me literally lol-ing all alone in my office - not an easy feat!  Find out how she Missed the Cutoff for Nationals by a Full Point.

5.  I have Bronte on the brain!  So (for me at least...) this is a very timely post from "A Room of One's Own".  Agnes Grey is the topic - and as always, Jillian give us a ton of information in an interesting and thoughtful way!

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend!

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