Saturday, January 15, 2011

Love the One You're With, Emily Griffin

Title:  Love the One You're With
Author:  Emily Griffin
Pages:  368
Genre:  fiction, "chick-lit"
Source:  audio book from NH Downloadable Books
What you'll love:  Interesting story, perfect for an audio book.
What will bug you:  No surprises.

Ellen Dempsey is a photographer living in New York City.  She is newly married to Andy, a lawyer, and brother to Ellen's best friend, Margot.  

While walking through a crowded intersection, Ellen runs into her ex, Leo.  This run-in sparks a series of events which make Ellen question whether she is truly happy, or simply acting the part because she has all the things that are supposed to bring happiness.

I'm not typically a reader of "chick-lit", but decided to grab this audio book for my first week back at work.  I'm really glad I did - not only was it entertaining (which I desperately needed going to back to work after vacation!),  but it was pretty straightforward.  Perfect audio book material.  

This is my second experience with Emily Griffin.  About 7 years ago I read Something Borrowed and enjoyed it.  (Ironically, I happened to be reading this the week I got engaged...)  I enjoyed Love the One You're With as well - I wasn't expecting any huge realizations or ground-breaking changethewayyouthinkofanissue moments.  I was expecting a light story about a woman who thinks she has it all, almost loses it all, and comes to realize she was happy after all.  Easy.  Uncomplicated.

I liked the pace of the story.  I didn't find myself not wanting to turn it on at any point, which is an excellent sign.  

I found Ellen to be kind of obsessive.  She over analyzes everything which started out fine, but got a little ridiculous.  I also didn't really get the attraction to Leo.  I guess I'm more of an "Andy" kind of gal...

I also found myself getting annoyed at Ellen's resentment toward the life she was living.  Listen.  If Dennis made boatloads of money and we moved to some gorgeous house in sunny Atlanta, and I could work when I wanted to, I would not be complaining.  Just sayin'.  (Especially since Andy was consistently super supportive of Ellen's photography career.)

I read a review on amazon that said the characters in this story were one dimensional to the point where the reader can easily predict the direction they will go.  I agree with this.  There were no surprises.  That doesn't make it bad - as long as you're expecting it, which I was.

Overall, a fine book to listen to on my first week and a half back from vacation! 

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