Friday, January 14, 2011

The Friday Five!

Another week down.  Snow day on Wednesday, my first 2011 trip to hear the BSO, and some serious office organizing today.  Not too shabby!

Let's celebrate the weekend with sharing!

1.  I went to Barnes & Noble on Monday and acquired some classics including The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.  Lisa at "Bibliophiliac" has a wonderful, thoughtful post about it - from a teachers' point of view.  

2.  There's a fantastic conversation happening over at "Book Rat" this week.  Misty wants to know - WTF, YA? when it comes to relationships.  Join the discussion!

3.  It's no secret I love "The Book Lady's Blog".  Her new Tumblr feed will not disappoint either.  Check it out...

4.  It's also no secret that I heart Jodi Picoult.  Her newest release, Sing You Home has Katie  at "Book Love" asking Jodi Picoult, how can you do this to me EVERY SINGLE TIME?  Katie - I feel the same way!

5.  I like winter.  Yeah... I said that.  It's beautiful, I get to wrap up in cozy sweaters and flannel sheets, and I'm a teacher - so there's always the possibility of a SNOW DAY!  Thanks to Chris at "Serendipitous" for sharing her snowy view.  

Happy weekend! 

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