Friday, January 28, 2011

The Friday Five {January 28-30}

It's Friday!  Get ready - it's time to play the Friday Five!  Want to spread a little bloggy love?  Check out the tab at the top of the page and play along!

1.  When I was teaching middle school orchestra I had 5th grade last period.  I think most of them were coming from physical education class.  The room reeked of Axe body spray to the point of gagging.  I eventually had to tell them that "less is more" and to stop being so heavy handed with the stuff.  So, when "Green Girl in Wisconsin" shared a tale of overused man perfume I had to laugh.  And I had to share...
2.  A chill is in the air (in a good way!)!  "Book Rat" is hosting Winter Wonderland!  Please head over to join the fun!

3.  Here are two videos for you this Friday.  The first is from "Book Rat" - A song about a guy who does NOT want to be disturbed when reading a book!  The second is from "Book Love" and it features the cutest little girl on the planet spinning a tale for you - complete with with animals that unfortunately contract "chicken-box"!

4.  Good news for Kindle owners - Are you sad that you can't lend out your Kindle books?  "What Red Read" may be brightening your day!  Read about how to lend books using your Kindle! 

5.   Love is in the air!  Does our upcoming February holiday inspire you to bust out your favorite romances?  Greg over at "The New Dork Review of Books" is taking a look at love stories - from a male perspective.

6.  And just for fun...  So many people out there trying to get published, and yet Snooki gets a book deal?  Puh-leeez!

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