Friday, January 21, 2011

The Friday Five - January 21-23

Before we dive into The Five - allow me to share my view with you.  This week has been glorious, and a huge waste of time.  

Monday:  MLK Day.  No school.
Tuesday:  Snow day.  No school.
Wednesday:  2 hour delay.  Half a day of school.
Thursday:  OMG I have to go to work???
Friday:  Snow day.  No school.

Translation - I worked a day and a half this week!  I'll take it, because I'll never turn down a reason to spend the day in my PJ's... but a little ridiculous, all the same.  

OK.  On to The Five!  

1.  "The Book Lady's Blog" shared a great resource this week.  "Edelweiss" is a free way to browse new releases.  It's user friendly, and you can tag items, see content, read author bio, and more.  Rebecca explains it in wonderful detail - so take a minute or two and check it out!

2.  Marie at "The Boston Bibliophile" prompted my current read.  Jane Eyre.  I purchased it recently, and after seeing this great link Marie posted on the latest film adaptation.  I agree with her... I can't wait!

3.  Since I've obviously been snowed in this week, I spent a few minutes looking at this photo - shared at "Under My Apple Tree".  All that's missing is, well - me, of course!  Also, a beach chair, a book, and some fruity drink in a coconut.

4.  I love seeing "Improv Everywhere" videos on youtube.  A big thanks to "Color Me Katie" for sharing this one of the "No Pants Subway Ride".  

5.  A thoughtful review this week by Jen over at "The Introverted Reader".  Bending Toward the Sun sounds like it would be right my alley, and I added it to my TBR list.  As always, Jen's post is informative and thoughtful!

Have a great weekend!

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