Friday, December 10, 2010

The Friday Five!

Let me begin with a story...

In addition to orchestra, I teach music appreciation. Not my favorite class to teach.

The question I gave on my last test was...

Name the four members of The Beatles.

The answer I received was...

Mick Jagger

My work as a music educator is clearly done.

It's Friday Five time!

1. My friends, Summer and Eric have a new little baby, Madeline. They have a fantastic blog, "Our Little Baby". Summer is very funny and I enjoy her posts so much - especially this one about how the new baby is causing some sadness for their cat, Dizzy. I have a feeling when I decide to have kids, this will happen to Quimby and Tommy.

2. Do you love "The Book Lady's Blog"? She announced some very cool news today - Introducing the Book Lady's Community. Check it out!

3. The Bitchy Waiter is freakin' sophisticated. I totally agree with him - who brings a child to a wine and cheese bar? All I could think of after reading this post was that scene in Sweet Home Alabama (don't judge - Josh Lucas is hot, and Reese Witherspoon's haircut is adorable) when she sees her friend from high school and says "Look at you! You've got a baby... in a bar..."

4. I am loving this post over at "Bookworm with a View". Paying it forward. Makes you think, right? Plus - there's a great link to the new-to-me organization "Women for Women International".

5. I'm not a huge fan of YA books - but I know many of you will love this link. Misty over at "Book Rat" shares Persnickety Snark's Top 100 YA Books. Weigh in - what do you think of the list? Anything missing in your opinion??

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.

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