Friday, December 3, 2010

The Friday Five

It's that time again! Welcome to the Friday Five! Let the blog love commence...

1. When Dennis and I got married, we had a really wonderful and fun photographer. When she gave us our albums she also gave us a small plastic album of particularly funny "outtakes". The Sassy Curmudgeon had some great wedding blooper photos to share from her outtakes album. A great reminder that although the day is all about love and beauty - it can't all be serious!

2. I choose my books by the title - the author - and ok, on rare and misguided occasions, the cover. The publisher, though? Nope. I never give the publisher a sliver of thought. Greg over at "The New Dork Review of Books" asks how much does the publisher matter to readers? Check out his opinion on the subject and add your two cents!

3. True confession - I get more than irritated when I see people make the following errors:
a) Misuse "there", "their", or "they're"
b) Misuse "to", "two", and "too"
c) Misuse "its" and "it's"
Apparently I'm not the only one! You can have it all clarified over at Leeswammes' Blog. I agree with her. It's Awful!

Update: After a comment from Greg, I think we also need to add "your" and "you're" to the list!

4. June at "Writing is a Blessing" discusses the book Something Happened - about adolescent boys, sex and female teachers. I've heard of things like this happening between male teachers and female students, but not often the reverse. It's less common, but no less appalling. It sounds like a thought provoking book!

5. Holiday stress setting in? You're not alone. The Bodhi Chicklet has a Friday Haiku that will help you find perspective.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone. Happy December!!

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