Friday, November 5, 2010

The Friday Five!

Happy Friday, and welcome to the Friday Five!  Click on the link <-- to find out how you can play along.  (You don't have to participate on a Friday - you can link up anytime!)

1.  Why are some of us drawn to Halloween?  "Writing in the Crosshairs" explains the attraction!

2.  A fantastic link was shared on Brene Brown this week.  Her essay on cruelty and bullying was published in the Houston Chronicle - definitely check it out! 

3.  "A Literary Odyssey" gave me yet another book for my TBR list - a great review of Lolita.  

4.  Thank you to Roof Beam Reader for sharing this poem by Anne Sexton - The Starry Night.  A beautiful piece of art; both the painting and the poetry!  

5.  I both loved, and needed this anecdotal post over at "Green Girl in Wisconsin" this morning.  This is a conversation that could totally happen in my house!

Have a great week everyone!  Don't forget to link up your Friday Five - even if you don't actually do it on a Friday!  :)

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