Monday, October 4, 2010

Virtual Coffee

join me for coffee!
If you and I were really sitting down together with a cup of coffee...

I'd probably make mine spiced pumpkin because it's so fall-ish out this week.

I'd ask you about your family - are you doing any fun fall activities?

I'd tell you all about my fall festival weekend. The weather was beautiful, so Dennis and I went on a hayride. The hayride is through this local farm where we get all of our veggies in the summer. It was fun taking a "tour" of the farm and trying to figure out which veggies were coming from which patch. They have a corn maze, so we spent some time trying to get through.There's this beautiful apple orchard nearby - Cider Hill Farm. We go every year. It's the strangest orchard I've ever seen - all the apple trees are growing on this enormous hill. I got a workout climbing up to the cortlands, which, as luck would have it are all the way at the top. I'd ask you to name your favorite variety of apple. Me? I like the cortland and macintosh because they're a little tart.

We had a great time picking apples and pumpkins and mums. This is positively my favorite time of year.

I'd ask you what you were reading these days. I'd let you know that I'm almost finished with "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" - and loving every minute of it. I'm so excited to have children someday so I can share these great stories with them. I'd also let you know that at this point I'm feeling like I will probably finish the series by Halloween.

I'd let you know that I'm registering to "run" a 5k road race on Thanksgiving morning. I did it last year with my brother, his wife, and her brother. We had a great time. We are planning to wear turkey hats this year. We've offered to each give my brother $5 to dress up like a Christmas elf - I think he's considering it. I'd also probably mime the quotes when I said "run" because I can't run a straight 5k. Luckily I don't think my sister-in-law can either, so we can talk walking breaks and talk about Black Friday shopping!

We'd look at the time and realize we had to get going. We would pick up our mugs and step out into the autumn air. Lots of hugs, with promises to get together next week!

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