Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Virtual Coffee - Up to my ears in paint.

join me for coffee!

If we were really meeting for coffee today...

We'd be enjoying this very fall-like weather. If the sun was out - and if we had sweaters - we may decide to take our pumpkin spice coffees outside.

I'd tell you that on Saturday morning I went to the UNH library to check out some string quartets and string trios for my honors students to work on this term. The day was absolutely gorgeous! I loved being able to enjoy the drive, listening to my music and enjoying the sunshine.

I'd tell you that I met my friend Andrea for coffee at a coffee shop on the UNH campus, Breaking New Grounds. I couldn't resist - I picked up two pounds to have at home! It was great catching up with my friend!

I'd let you know that Dennis and I finally finished patching our living room wall and painted! The color is nice, creamy shade of off-white. We spent a chunk of Sunday painting before I had to run off to rehearsal.

I'd ask you if you had Columbus Day off. Dennis and I both did, which of course meant more painting. We got the trim primed on all our baseboards and window frames.

I'd inform you that I'm beyond excited to be nearing the end of the tunnel on our living room re-do. The furniture is all over the place and things are all displaced to avoid the paint.

Tommy seems to like it, though.

Of course, I'd ask you what you're reading. Any recommendations? Finish anything great? I'd probably gush about Harry Potter because I'm re-reading the series and falling in love all over again.

We'd glance at our watches and realize it was time to dash.

Until next week...

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