Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Mini-Vacation


I pick up my Grandmother. She's 88 years old. She's packed her belongings in this very old suitcase, and has a couple of other things in a shopping bag - items for the road. Pretzels, mini bottles of juice - in case we need a snack.

We drive North for 3 hours. We go through the Starbucks drive-thru. I get a cinnamon dolce latte, she gets a hot tea.

We arrive in Intervale, NH (just North of North Conway). My parents have a condo there, and my Mother is waiting for us.

We're a trio - we're laughing - ethereal.

The next morning we enjoy our coffee and watch Ellen. My sister-in-law, Katie, arrives and we head out. We shop. Katie and I cruise J crew and Banana Republic. Mom and Gram stroll
and check out Stonewall Kitchen. We sniff candles at Yankee Candle. We pick up clothes, shoes, and some very fun stuff for fall/Halloween.

We have dinner reservations at a very fun, organic pizza restaurant - "Flatbreads". We have dinner and drinks. This is the best pizza in the world. Great food, and family. Ethereal.

We get home and change into our PJ's. As we half watch "Bachelor Pad" (which is kind of disgusting in an itssohorriblebuticantlookaway kind of way) everyone shows their purchases. We hold up little signs that say "Trick-or-Treat", silk tops, and model shoes. We exclaim over the horrible TV we're watching. Our trio is expanded and we're happy to have Katie with us. Ethereal.

Katie has to go home, so we head out for a delicious breakfast at the "Stairway Cafe". It's not as fun shopping without Katie, so the trio decides to hang by the pool. The sun is shining, kids are splashing nearby. The water is warm. Ethereal.

We cook a delicious dinner and then head over to the tiny local cinema to see "Eat, Pray, Love". It's the 9:10 show and we have the place practically to ourselves. We whisper during the movie - since no one's sitting near us. Mom and I make sure Gram doesn't fall asleep - but she assures us she couldn't possibly fall asleep. We are, after all, watching a picture with Julia Roberts.

The next morning we head into town to go to the farm stand - we get local milk, cream, and butter. We check out a couple of little shops along the way. I buy banana milk, and that is ethereal for sure.

We are the women on my side of the family - my Mom, Gram, and Katie. We enjoy each other, and count our blessings to have one another. When we get together, our time with each other is ethereal.

**Pictured - some beautiful glass globes I found during my shopping!**

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  1. how absolutely lovely. that was beautiful and so right.

  2. Sounds like an incredibly almost magical vacation :)