Friday, August 6, 2010

The Friday Five!

The Friday Five is a feature here at Kate's Library. In addition to reading some great books, I also read some great blog posts and articles. Here you will find my top five from this week. They are not all book related, but they all tickled my fancy!

1. Amy at "Lucky Number 13" wrote a post this week called Alone. In addition to some beautiful photos, she talks about her need to find a little alone time. I'm in total agreement! Even if it's a little bit of time, I love to have a little time alone!

2. Jennifer at "Girls Gone Reading" posted the Top Ten Things to do with your Books. Informative and useful!

3. A week or so ago, "The Sassy Curmudgeon" told us about a comical chest "enhancer" called the Wine Rack. It totally cracked me up. Of course she ordered it... and we have What I Did Over My Summer Vacation or The One Where I Test-Drive the Wine Rack. It didn't go as well as the advertisement promised. Isn't it amazing that this thing actually exists?!

4. Rebecca at "The Book Lady's Blog" has a term she uses which I love. "Pantyworthy". If a book/author/character/whatever is truly fabulous she calls it "pantyworthy" meaning you would throw your panties at it. (Think rock concerts and ladies throwing their panties up on the stage!) In A Midsummer Night's Panty Party she shares some pantyworthy characters - and what kind of panties they would probably be tossing!

5. So this is pure fun. "The Bitchy Waiter" did a post this week called Bitchy Waiter + Marcia Brady = Love. The Bitchy Waiter sure does want a lot of info about Marcia's brother, Greg...

And there you have it. Have a happy Friday!


  1. Ooh, what a great feature! Maybe we'll start doing this at The Blue Bookcase. Thanks Kate!

  2. I too love Misery, Owen Meany and The People of the Book. Great minds...

  3. Hi Kate:
    Please stop by my place, there is an award for you.

  4. IngridLola - I was thinking this week that it would be fun to open it up and invite people to play along.

    BW - Thanks for stopping by! Owen Meany is just so wonderfully written. I try to do a re-read once a year, and there's always something new I discover.

    CMash - Thanks!!

  5. I think I'm going to start playing Friday Five!! I love that you can find all kinds of interesting posts!!

    I have an award for you HERE