Monday, August 23, 2010

Finally Orienting Myself

I recently mentioned in passing that I have a new job. Well, it's kind of new. I'm still in the same school system - but starting on September 2, I'll be the new orchestra director at the high school.

I've spent the summer oscillating between anxious, sad, and excited.

A whole new school - new staff, new students, a new schedule. I loved my previous job at the middle school. I'm making a big step in my career, but it feels like I'm whirling. There's so much to get together before I can really begin doing the job. So that's where the anxiousness and sadness is coming from. That, and the fact that I saw one of my favorite 5th graders with her Mom in Wal-Mart recently. I asked, "How are you?" She answered, "Sad. You're leaving." Her Mom let me know that there were "a lot of tears" when they received my letter telling them about the change. UGH. Right in the heart.

On the other hand, I'm totally excited! I've always wanted to be a high school director. The high school orchestra is fabulous in every way. I feel like I've finally arrived to my final resting place - in a good way.

I've just recently become more excited than nervous - and I think there are several reasons.

First, we hired my replacement for the middle school. He's fabulous. I'm no longer feeling guilty about leaving behind all my lovelies because I know they're in good hands.

Second, I met with the previous director (she's fantastic - I have HUGE shoes to fill...) and went over all the materials I'll need to teach not only high school orchestra, but music appreciation, guitar, and the elementary school string program.

Third, and this is an important one for me mentally. I set up my office. I have a work
space. I feel grounded now that all my "teacher" belongings are not in a blue plastic tub. Everything that I need to get done before the kids arrive seems possible.

I'm still nervous about the first day (what teacher isn't?!). But now I'm feeling a little more ready. Maybe all I needed to do was orient myself. Organize. Stand up straight. Take a deep breath.
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