Sunday, July 25, 2010

Me... Naked!

...and this is me. Naked - no make-up, no hair products, no hair dryer, my Red Sox shirt and a pair of gym shorts.

I think there are many women out there who are very caught up in trying to achieve perfection in their looks. I am certainly not against make-up or cute clothes or hair products (my family can confirm this!). I think it's important to be comfortable using these products, and equally comfortable without them.

No matter your gender, age, shape, size - the most important thing is who you are on the inside. We need to celebrate ourselves and love ourselves for more than what's on the surface.

So to celebrate this - here I am... Naked!

Also, you need to check out this video! It shows the massive alterations that occur between the girl who comes into the photo shoot, and the girl who winds up on the billboard. It's totally fascinating! I love the ending sentence - "No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted."

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  1. Kate-when you think of the time most women spend grooming & preening, we all probably could have written a novel in that time, if you added it all up! What do men do--shave, maybe throw on some hair gel? But, come to think of it, my husband does spend an inordinate amount of time on his hair ;)

  2. This was an excellent post - because it's so true. We're all so beautiful without all the extras (that can be fun! And yes, there's a time and place for them!) but we can't fully appreciate ourselves unless we can accept and love what we look like without the extras.
    You're gorgeous, lady!!

  3. I travelled with a friend recently, and I found myself "embarrassed" that I was ready so quickly, while she worked and worked at herself. Why DO we hold ourselves to such standards? It's all good! We should accept ourselves as we are!

  4. Kate, you are beautiful and you don't need make up or hair products!

    I never wear make up and the only stuff that gets in my hair is the cheapesr shampoo and conditioner I can find. I pay £4 for a big bottle of shampoo and a big bottle of conditioner from the supermarket that lasts me months and it's really good too.

    I've tried make-up but it doesn't feel like I'm myself any more.

    I think make up does people look good but I hate the idea that you have to wear make up to fit in. I'm not against make up and I'm not choosing against wearing it out of some desire to be a nonconformist but just because it isn't me.

    I don't feel any more comfortable in my skin then the next person, but I've always felt less comfortable wearing make up.

    I am lucky though that I have a pretty clear complexion and not prone to spots any more. So that is a blessing.

  5. this is so true, botox should be banned! this is a great take. I also love your blog by the way, how wonderful to post all your books. I have just read Inheritance by Nicholas Shakespeare, a truly wonderful book

  6. that video is very interesting.... i worked in the day of film, and there was very little photoshop. i really had no idea they were able to transform someone like that. I hate makeup too...hate the way it feels on my face, but that maybe because of our hot climate too.

  7. I wish I looked this beautiful naked! Great post, Kate :)

  8. that is wonderful! i am terrified of make up and have never worn it and have been getting a bit self conscious about it. this made me feel so much better!

  9. Lisa - Yes, we probably could write a novel! It's a lot of time. My husband keeps his hair very short, so styling is not an option. My brother on the other hand...

    Corinne - Agreed - we need to love ourselves without the extras!

    Anmarie - We DO hold ourselves to ridiculous standards. Even with make-up, etc, I'm always ready before my girlfriends when we're going somewhere!

    Fiona - Thank you! I'm very comfortable in the make-up - and equally comfortable without. I was also blessed with skin that does not break-out often... I think it's because I have very dry skin.

    Lindsey - Thank you!! :)

    Justine - Thanks! I agree... botox freaks me out!

    Shelle - I know what you mean. I don't mind the way it feels on my face unless it's hot... it just makes me sweaty!

    Brenna - Thanks!!! :)

    Priya - Don't feel self conscious! You are beautiful, and have the author photo pics to prove it! :)

  10. Came from Sunday Creative...if I looked like you "Naked" I'd go naked all the time :)