Friday, May 7, 2010

The Friday Five

Welcome to another new weekly posting!

In addition to reading great books, I also like reading great blogs and articles. Some are book related, some are not. Here are my Friday Five. Posts that I enjoyed... for whatever reason!

1. "On the Meaning of Making Time to Read" from the blog "Things Mean A Lot". I thought it was a very interesting post about reading, and the reactions we may get from people who do not.

2. Most of the time, "The Sassy Curmudgeon" makes me laugh/smile. She is not G rated, and although she is a writer, she does not have a "book" blog... but I don't have to only follow book blogs, do I? This was an amusing post about the subway. It made me laugh.

3. Have you ever heard of "Serendipitous"? She shares some great photographs, and being a fellow New Englander, I love it. She shared some beautiful forget-me-nots this week. I love forget-me-nots for their color, and because they're so perfect and small!

4. A great post from "The Book Lady's Blog" about getting contacted to review a book. It's called "How to Pitch The Book Lady".

5. A review of "Always Looking Up: The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist". This can be found at "The Literary Amnesiac". This made it into my top five for three reasons. First. I also had a crush on Alex P. Keaton. Second. I like how Kathy discusses her thoughts on the "tiers" of our lives. It got me thinking... Third. She got me interested in the book! *Sigh* Another title to add to the nightstand pile.

So there you have it! My Friday Five. These are in particular order, by the way! Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for posting about my blog! BTW, did you know MJF has 2 other memoirs out? One from 2003 called Lucky Man, and one that just came out last month. I almost hesitate to mention them because haven't read either one, and I don't want to make your TBR pile become even more overwhelming! BUT I don't plan to read them . . . unless you read them first and tell me I need to read them too. :)

  2. I saw him on The Colbert Report with his latest book. I may check it out - but of course I'll wait until the nightstand pile has diminished!