Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Look Me in the Eye: My Life With Asperger's, John Robison

A fantastic read!

Undiagnosed until the age of forty, John Robison tells his story of growing up with a form of autism called "Asperger's Syndrome". As a young child, John Robison wanted to connect with other children, but found it extremely difficult to fit into social situations. He exhibited many "odd" behaviors which separated him from his peers and made him feel like a misfit.

At the age of forty, John Robison was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. Suddenly there are explanations for some of the "odd habits" which defined much of John's childhood.

This was a very introspective memoir. I'm always excited to hear people speak of their own feelings so openly. I wish more had the courage to do so. Most people I have met with Asperger's have the appearance of being separated from their feelings. However, John Robinson communicates his feelings clearly and directly. The result? A fascinating window into Asperger's'.

Speaking from a teacher's perspective, this book offered many insights for understanding some of my students. The biggest piece of information I took away from this book was that when John was playing alone as a child - he did not want to be alone. I'll admit there have been times back when I taught elementary school that I have gone out on the playground and seen a student amusing themselves in the sandbox or on the swings - and at the time it confirmed what I already suspected - that this child is more comfortable with adults and prefers to play alone. I will not be simply making this assumption in the future.

I highly recommend this book - weather you're looking for more information about Asperger's, or are craving a great story. Five wine glasses for sure!!

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