Tuesday, September 1, 2009

About Kate

During the work day you will find me... well, at work. I am a high school orchestra director in Massachusetts. I love my job, even though it can get very tiring - but I suspect that means I'm doing it right! I have fantastic students and we have a great time in class while making beautiful music.

The rest of my free time is spent reading! I love getting caught up in a really fantastic book. At Kate's Library, you will find reviews of the various books I'm reading. My tastes vary - I like to try new authors and genres - but I'm usually attracted to literary fiction, historical fiction, and memoirs. I love to check out different blogs and articles, and like to share them with you! You'll also find the occasional random and/or personal posts.

I live in Southern NH with my husband and best friend, Dennis. We share our house with our two cats, Quimby and Tommy. We don't have any children yet.

Besides reading, I enjoy cooking, a nice glass of wine, listening to music, taking walks, going to the beach, spending time with family/friends, and going to hear the Boston Symphony Orchestra. I am completely addicted to "The Office", and love re-watching episodes of "Sex and the City" through Netflix.